The Lido Azzurro Residence is located between Portoferraio and Porto Azzurro, near (500 m.) to the Lido di Capoliveri beach.

At few km you can find the center of Porto Azzurro and Capoliveri.

At 1000 meters you can reach the marine landing of Mola di Capoliveri which has boat storage (for a fee). From Porto Azzurro departures for organized boat trips around the Island of Elba and Pianosa.

How to reach the Residence

FROM PORTOFERRAIO: you arrive at ” Residence Lido Azzurro” along the provincial road for Portoazzurro / Capoliveri for about 9 km. Then turn right for Lido di Capoliveri at the second crossroads for the beach. After 10 meters, turn left.

FROM RIO MARINA: you arrive at “Residence Lido Azzurro” along the provincial road for Porto azzurro/ Capoliveri/ Portoferraio for about 12 km. After the stoplight go straight on for 1 km(on the right there are: “BEYFIN” gas station and “IL CAVALLO PAZZO” restaurant). Then turn left for Lido di Capoliveri. After 10 meters, again turn left.


Capoliveri is in a strategic position up on a hill, and looks on to the gulf of Porto Azzurro on one side, and the Stella gulf on the other with a suggestive vision of Monte Capanne.

Its origin dates back to 1906 when it broke away from Porto Longone, today Porto Azzurro. Among the various etymological hypotheses that of Caput Liberum (Capo Libero) in reference to the presence of the “bankrupts”, relegated to this place where they were allowed to move freely within the walls.

Born as an Etruscan highland fortress, it may have had an even older foundation, given the frequentation of Greek and Phoenician navigators to an island rich in iron, but already known for copper.

It assumed, within the archaic walls, a rational geometric shape, typical of the Latin construction tradition, while, in medieval times, the fortified village gathered further around the square and the current Via Roma, which is the main road and the higher, from which, in a “fishbone” shape, a series of alleys, lanes, squares and chiassi branch out, characterized by arches, arches, underpasses, alleys, stairways and side stairways.

Capoliveri is an ancient castle fortified by the Pisans in the 12th century. And medieval is the church of S. Michele of which only parts of the apse remain, however sufficient to deduce that it must have been a rare example of the purest Pisan architecture. It is said that Pope Gregory XI, on the journey that brought the papal see from Avignon to Rome, surprised by a storm, went up to S. Michele and celebrated mass there. On the southern slope of Capoliveri stands the Santuario delle Grazie.

Among the most important festivals is the traditional “Innamorata” which is celebrated on July 14 with a procession in medieval costume that goes from the town to the Innamorata beach.

Marketday: Tuesday morning.

Porto Azzurro

The village, 3100 inhabitants, lies in a protected bay of the golf of ‘Mola’, which was used since ever as a natural port of call on the nautic routs of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Porto Azzurro was edificated by Filippo II of Spain during the 16th. century, with a stellar plante. Until the 19th. century, it was disputed by France, Spain and German.

The small town center is very beautiful with its narrow roads, stone houses, enchanting angels, evocative corners and a large square, located directly on the sea of the harbour.

Three important place to visit :  Church of Madonna di Monserrato, built during the 17th. century by the spanish governor y Leon. The immage of the Virgin, still conserved in the church, is considered the perfect copy of the one one can see in the church in Spain. Also to visit, The “Forte of S. Giacomo ” , a spanish fortress built during the 17th. century: sales of very interesting handicrafts and the “Chiesa Spagnola” with a marble statue of the general Diego D’Alarçson.

Marketday: Saturday morning.