Situated in a strategic position on the Elba Island, Residence Lido Azzurro offers the opportunity to quickly reach many beaches, each characterized by enchanting and unique landscapes. From the nearby Lido di Capoliveri to the tranquil Felciaio, each beach represents a corner of paradise waiting to be discovered.

This proximity allows Residence guests to discover the diversity of Elba’s beaches in just a few minutes by car: from beaches perfect for outdoor activities to those ideal for relaxation in total serenity.

Additionally, for those seeking new adventures, other wonderful beaches of Elba are easily reachable by car, offering new landscapes and experiences every day.

The beaches nearby

Lido di Capoliveri beach

It is the closest beach to our property (500 meters) and can also be reached on foot. Stretching for 400 meters, it consists of very fine sand and is surrounded by rich Mediterranean vegetation.

The beach is popular among young people and those seeking an active holiday, while also being highly appreciated by families and relaxation enthusiasts.

It features bathing establishments, restaurants, bars, parking lots, and various sea-related activities.

A paradise for those seeking comfort, services, and natural beauty.

Felciaio Beach

A hidden gem of Elba, this beach is an oasis of tranquility and relaxation, located less than a kilometer from Residence Lido Azzurro. Stretching approximately 110 meters with a sandy bottom, it offers a serene escape from the bustling world. On the right side, a cliff formation creates a natural pool, beloved by diving enthusiasts.

The crystal-clear sea beckons snorkelers, revealing a diverse underwater landscape.

With no bathing establishments, Felciaio Beach is perfect for those seeking an authentic and unspoiled experience. Parking is available nearby.

Norsi Beach

Situated in Golfo Stella, approximately 2 km from the Residence, it exemplifies the distinctive beauty of the southern coast of Elba Island with its fine dark sand and black pebbles. Stretching around 400 meters in length, its wild charm is enhanced by the dense Mediterranean vegetation that extends to the shoreline.

The beach provides various amenities, including a small bathing establishment, umbrella and sunbed rentals, and a bar.

Naregno Beach

Situated approximately 3.5 km from our Residence, this beach stretches for about 500 meters with a width of less than 30 meters. Comprising fine sand and small pebbles, it is embraced by lush Mediterranean vegetation.

Naregno Beach is particularly well-suited for families, offering a gently sloping seabed and amenities such as bathing establishments, bars, restaurants, and parking facilities. Moreover, it caters to sports enthusiasts with activities such as sailing, windsurfing, and diving.

Calanova Beach

Located roughly 9 km from Residence Lido Azzurro, Calanova Beach is a serene and picturesque destination. This small and welcoming beach features a mix of sand and small pebbles, bordered by verdant vegetation.

Offering both free and equipped areas with sunbeds and umbrellas, visitors can also enjoy the amenities of a quality restaurant-bar.

Accessible via a dirt road, its exclusive and secluded setting renders Calanova Beach an idyllic spot for quiet relaxation.

Liscoli Beach (or Istia)

A beautiful beach approximately 110 meters long, located about 10 km from the Residence. Characterized by medium-sized sand and small pebbles, it is situated in a small bay and offers a tranquil environment, perfect for nature lovers. Nestled between a promontory and a large pine forest, it provides shade and freshness.

No services are available on the beach.

Zuccale Beach

Situated 6 km from the Residence, Zuccale Beach is distinguished by lush vegetation behind the shoreline. Stretching approximately 180 meters, it is divided by a landslide of large rocks, creating a picturesque natural landscape. The beach is renowned for its golden sand and clear water, making it ideal for families and snorkeling enthusiasts to explore its rich marine life.

It offers bathing facilities, umbrella and sunbed rentals, pedal boats, and boats.

Barabarca Beach

Also located 6 km from the Residence, Barabarca Beach is adjacent to Zuccale Beach. Offering an unspoiled landscape, it is perfect for those who appreciate slightly wilder beaches.

The beach features light sand and small pebbles, with crystal-clear waters and a partially rocky seabed, ideal for snorkeling.

Amenities include a small beach bar and rentals of sunbeds, pedal boats, and canoes, as well as parking facilities.

Stecchi Beach

Positioned between Barabarca Beach and Madonna delle Grazie Beach, Stecchi Beach sits on a low coast rich in tufa, approximately 6 km from the Residence. This small beach has a sandy and gravelly bottom, protected by a high pier that serves as a spectacular diving spot.

Typically less crowded, it is perfect for swimming and snorkeling enthusiasts who can easily observe interesting seabed features even just a few meters from the shore.

Lacona Beach

One of the longest beaches on Elba, located 9 km from our Residence. Comprising very fine golden sand, it is characterized by dune areas where sea lilies bloom. Surrounded by a pine forest, it offers natural shade close to the sea.

Lacona Beach caters to both young people, with numerous stretches of free beach and plenty of opportunities for water sports, and families.

It is equipped with bathing establishments, water sports facilities, bars, restaurants, boat rentals, and parking.